Game Over For Nawaz Sharif

Even if he survives the demands for his resignation, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan is already controversial, damaged and bruised. This is the time for him to think about his future, his legacy and the family interests.

INDIAN TERRORISM IN PAKISTAN The Story Of Three Spies And One Saboteur

The death of Sarabjit Singh is a reminder of how India expanded its limited conflict with Pakistan over Kashmir into an all-out animosity.

Why Is Pakistan’s Latest Nuclear Missile Test Different?

Welcome to the Strategic Command and Control Support System. Now Pakistani leadership can ‘stay in the strategic loop’ 24/7. Our command structure is completely indigenous.

Battlefield Nukes For Pakistan: Why Hatf IX (Nasr) Is Essential For Pakistan’s Deterrence Posture & Doctrine

  The American targeting of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and their development continues unabated. The latest attack is on Pakistan’s development of the Nasr missile in the Hatf short range ballistic missile (SRBM) series. The new attack manifests itself in a provocative report published by Foreign Policy magazine, which is part of the Washington Post Company. [...]

Was Pakistan Wrong To Review U.S. Ties?

It is incorrect that Pakistan confronted ’49 nations’ members of NATO or risked diplomatic isolation. Critics of Pakistan’s decision to withdraw container transport facility to US government used incorrect reasons to restore the supply routes without securing Pakistani interests.

NATO, Afghanistan And The Pakistan Supply Line: A Question Of Legitimacy

A policy brief that answers two critical questions facing Pakistani decision makers: Is NATO legally present in Afghanistan? And is Pakistan bound by international law to open a NATO supply route through Pakistani territory?

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  • Is Indo-US Nuke Deal Unraveling?

    Is Indo-US Nuke Deal Unraveling?

    Washington is hoping to erect India as a regional policeman. But a key pillar of this plan, the nuclear deal, is collapsing. And while US helped India enter nuclear trade, it is other countries that will get all the business.

  • Applying International Law To Isolate Nuclear Pakistan

    Applying International Law To Isolate Nuclear Pakistan

    This report provides an insight into international nuclear politics and how a handful of influential countries play this game to isolate targeted nations, like Pakistan. This policy brief is written to help Pakistani politicians, media, and diplomats understand how the game is played and how to avoid falling prey to legal and diplomatic language that aims to restrict Pakistan’s nuclear capability and arsenal.

  • After OBL, Can US Seize Pakistan’s Nukes?

    After OBL, Can US Seize Pakistan’s Nukes?

    Pakistanis are concerned that a secret US military operation deep inside Pakistan on 2 May 2011 that allegedly went undetected by Pakistani military poses a threat to Pakistani nuclear installations. Washington can also take out Pakistani nukes the same way. Here is a policy brief prepared by Strategic Technology Resources and published by Project For Pakistan In 21st Century. This brief explains why the United States is incapable of physically attacking Pakistani nuclear weapons. The insights provided by this brief have never been discussed before in public and are useful to understand the limits behind the American propaganda against Pakistan.

  • Peace Or Victory In Afghanistan? You Can’t Have Both

    Peace Or Victory In Afghanistan? You Can’t Have Both

    Peace and a multilateral trade regime are more important than victory, says Zeenia Satti. Her argument is that the United States and NATO face much weaker opponents. Gen. Petraeus squanders a historic chance for Afghan peace.

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